Thursday, July 2, 2015

Whole30: Week 3

I'm sitting at my computer writing this post on the 22 day of my Whole30 journey. I am amazed with myself that I have stuck with it. I continue to feel incredible. My energy level is through the roof. I am no longer just laying on the couch tired on rainy days because of my arthritis. My mood has been great, (read no pms bitchiness). It's been great overall. I did attend one party this week where I did not drink while everyone else was and I was fine with it. I also attended a concert and again, I did not drink and I was fine with it. Not drinking has been easy.

This week may be a bit more challenging because it is the 4th of July holiday, but I am planning ahead to make sure I stay on track. I have a cook out and a party to go to over the weekend, but with a plan I know I can do it with no worries.

At the end of this I plan to share a big post with some of my new meals that I have loved during this time including this garlic tomato shrimp pictured above.

Enjoy your holiday and Happy Canada day for my Canadian peeps!!!

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