Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week Two: Whole30

Today I hit a milestone.
It is day 14 of my Whole30 journey.
It is a place that I did not think I would have reached if I am being completely and wholeheartedly honest.
I did think I would make it, but I thought I would have cut some corners here and there. I thought I would have cheated by now, but as I write this I am proud to say that I am fully committed to seeing this though. The past 14 days have not been easy, but it also hasn't been that challenging either. I thought that I would be craving things like a crazy woman and I just am not. The only thing that had been the hardest for me to give up was the soda. That was hard. The first two days I had such a bad headache that on the third day I began to drink black coffee. I hate coffee, but I hate headaches so I drank a small cup on the third day. I became very jittery and super shaky so on the fourth day I gave that up too.

Planning my meals the night before has been good. It has helped with the looking into the fridge and not knowing what to make. I actually don't mind not eating the things that I am not suppose to. I think because I know that it is temporary and, again if I being completely honest I don't really miss them. I went to a party and that was easy for me to say no to what I couldn't have. I ate before I went and I brought a fruit platter and picked from that. Not drinking alcohol wasn't that big of a deal either. Drinking for me lately had been getting old. Or maybe it was me who was getting old since I was finding that I was feeling hungover after having two glasses of wine anyway so I don't miss drinking.

The two biggest things that have motivated me to keep going has been how I look and how I feel. I look like I have lost a lot of weight. My mid section is significantly smaller that it was when I started. I just bought a romper in a medium size when I had been an xlarge before starting this plan. I don't get that bloated feeling anymore. My stomach rarely makes any of those weird gurgling noises that it once did. My skin looks better. Food tastes better. I just feel better overall.

I will admit that I am getting pretty sick of eggs in the morning so I am off to pinterest to search for some new recipes for breakfast!

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