Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life Goals: April Edition

For April I have three goals that I would like to complete. I find that writing what I want to accomplish keeps me more accountable to completing a project.

For April I would like to :

1. Plant an herb garden!
The winter in New England has been harsh, bitterly cold and waaay to long. I love the cold, dont get me wrong, but I am done with the Polar Vortex. even though the tempatures are struggling to get above freezing my mind dreams of cleaning up my deck and filling it with lush greens. Since leaving the 9 - 5 world for the stay at home life I have been really into cooking. Sure, I always loved to cook, but this past year my pallet have evolved and so has my appreciation for fresh herbs instead of dry ones. For Christmas I really wanted the Chia Herb Garden. I didn't get it so I have decided that I will take on the challenge of creating a lovely herb garden. I have some ideas floating around and through the help of Pinterest, I am eager for the free of frost to be over so I can get to planting. 

2. Plan Marisol's first birthday!
We have a theme. I have some ideas. It will be fabulous. Shhh, don't tell her since it is a surprise!

3. Make a quilt!
I suppose I should learn how to quilt first then tackle the making of a quilt, but I recently purchased a sewing machine and I am in love with the process. I spend over two hours, all by myself at Jo Ann Fabrics the other day and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was very relaxing cutting out each patternren piece and then the fabric. Measuring is something I will have to work on, but in due time I shall perfect it to the bet of my ability. 

I have a plan. It feels good!

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