Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pre-launch excitement

It is the eve our Pretty Little Fofihna's launch! I have a mix of emotions. I am excited and eager to get it done as I have been working on these items for quite some time. I have also built it up so much in my mind that I feel like it is the "birth" of a new adventure! 

One thing that I underestimated was the "presentation" of the inventory. So, with my tripod, camera and stuff I began shooting. I took A LOT of pictures. Some were good, some were terrible and some were just too funny. I attempted to channel my inner Tyra Banks as I tried very hard to "sell the product"...I even tried to smize! So, I am certain that the photos will get better over time, but for now here are some of the samples that will be available in the shop tomorrow. 

As a special for blog readers (if there are even any of you out there) you will get surprise valentine's gift with your order this weekend January 24-27. Simply add a comment about what your favorite 80's movie is during check out!

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