Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Life 2014

It wasn't until last year that I decided to jump on the Project Life bandwagon. I have been a traditional (and i use that term loosely) scrapbooker for over 14 years. I dove into this hobby at a time when it seemed like no one my age was scrapbooking and no one who was childless. My supplies consisted of decorative stickers and fancy scissors, but I longed for the use of bulky items on my pages and a lot of less "traditional" items. Then suddenly stars aligned and some childless scrapbookers emerged on the seen like Elsie Larson, Kristi Prokopiak and Martha Bonneau to name just a few. They took telling our stories to a whole new level and sharing our voice threw art. 

Many years later, I now find myself on the "other" side of the scrapbooking world and am now a mom. Finding time now is a luxury and joining the Project Life train was an easy choice. I started when I found out I was pregnant and I love looking back at the books and seeing how things have changed and how much my daughter has grown over the weeks. It is amazing and I can make it simple one week and creatively complex the next. This year I would like to mix it up a bit and add more may outs as I miss that side of documenting our life and expressing myself. 

Here is a link to Studio Calico, they offers a super cool Project Life kit every month and it is FILLED with a ton of stuff that you will love! 

*also Kristi's little pup is in need of heart surgery and you can help here because who doesn't love a pup :)

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