Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Life Goals

So last month my goals were: 
  1. Make a wreath using salt dough!
  2. Make and send out Marisol's Christmas cards. 
  3. Make our first family video!
  4. Blog at least twice a week!
  5. Make stuff for the big opening of the shop!!!
I am so proud of myself that i was able to complete all five goals. Ever since I have broken down the goals to smaller manageable ones I find that I am able to complete them and with my word for the year being "complete" I feel very accomplished and delighted to start a new month and work on some new goals. 

  1. Continue creating for the shop. 
  2. Take pictures of inventory. 
  3. Have a candlelit dinner and a movie at home date with hubby. 
  4. Have a lunch date with Marisol. 
  5. Commit to working out three times a week!
Looking forward to crossing these off my list next month!


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