Friday, October 2, 2015

A month and a life time ago

When the idea of moving to California first came up, I was almost half joking about it. My  husband and I were sitting on the couch after a long day and we were talking about his upcoming vacation week. We tossed around some ideas about what we should do; take some day trips, go to the beach, etc. 

Husband: "We should fly out to Cali". 
Me: "I would rather move to Cali then fly out to Cali". 

That was the birth of our moving story and here we are. 
One month into living in Southern California. 
 Everyone talks about how great the weather is. It is true. The fact that I am writing this post poolside because it is 86 degrees outside is awesome. From a stay at home mom perspective living in a place that you will never be stuck in the house for a whole month because there is feet of snow outside is very welcoming. This will be the first year that our daughter will be able to wear her Halloween costume without having to cover it up with a heavy jacket. She will also be able to actually go trick or treating in a neighborhood walking from house to house because it is safe to do that where we are living now. This will be the first year ever that on my birthday (in November) we could do something outside since it won't be freezing out. Even though it is suppose to be cold for Christmas the fact that we will be surrounded by family means our hearts won't be so cold and lonely this year like in years past. 

So, things are getting back to somewhat normal around here. We are finding a groove. I plan to get back to posting regularly as it serves as an outlet for my thoughts and helps to give me a spark for my creative life. So look for some more posts coming up soon. 

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