Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's official

We are headed to California!

My husband got the position and we are scrambling to get things done and organized for our move in less than 11 days!!!

I am having quite the mix of feelings. I am happy and excited but at the same time I am sad and feeling nostalgic about leaving my home town. I have lived here for 39 years. It is all that I know.

I will miss:

  • my family & friends. I have a small number of real friends and it hurts to think about having to start that process of finding a friend scary and very anxiety inducing. 
  • my culture. I will miss that the area that I live in is heavily influenced by the Portuguese culture. I could grab whatever food that I grew up eating at any time by simply driving down the street to the local market or restaurant. I may have to break my Whole30 short to enjoy some of it before I leave. 
  • my independence. I love that at any time I can simply get into my car and go. I know these streets and I am comfortable going out alone on any journey. I will miss that ability of knowing where I am at all times. 
Today I woke up ambivalent about the whole thing. I know it is the right move for me and my family but the ending of this chapter of my life makes me feel a bit sad. I can't help that. 

But, never having to worry about shoveling or falling on snow and ice again makes me very very happy!!!

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  1. Wow, that's fantastic news! I'll be thinking of you as you prepare to move and make the transition to sunny California :)