Friday, June 5, 2015

How I use the FitBit and Nike+ to get healthy and lose weight

This last year I have gained 10 pounds.
I didn't know why.
No matter how much I tried to eat right I was not losing any weight.
I could not understand it.

Then I got the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black .

I was amazed and horrified by the information that it gathered in the first few days of wearing it. I was averaging less then 2000 steps a day and while I was sleeping it was mostly restless.

How could this be?! After the shock wore off, I realized that I needed to make some changes. I needed to get moving not only for vanity sake but let's face it, I am almost almost 40 (later in the Fall) and for health reasons getting more oxygen into my body is a good thing.

So after the half week of monitoring how little I was moving I decided it was time to "step" things up. The FitBit works with an awesome app that is super easy to use and navigate. It not only tracks steps, but it tracks calories and sleep patterns too. I realized that having a goal of 10,000 steps was going to unattainable for me, at this point anyway. So I set my goal to be 7,500 steps a day. I wanted it to be realistic and on days where I pass that number its just an extra bonus.

I also pair it with my Nike+ app which tracks how fast I am walking and how many miles. I like combining the two because both help me to see how I am not only moving each day but how, over time my pace is becoming quicker as the inches shed away.

So it has been about a month using both the FitBit and the Nike+. So far I have lost 3 pounds. I know many of us, me included focus a lot on those numbers on the scale. I will admit that I was a bit bummed about only losing 3 pounds, but I will say this. I think they are off, like really off, not water weight. I had about 18 pounds to lose so I lost about a fourth of the weight that I needed to which in that perspective was awesome. Best part is that I have lost inches. A lot of inches. I have lost over 2 inches in my waist which is my main problem area (good bye baby weight from two years ago that wouldn't leave). My face and breast have also slandered down noticeably to the point that people are asking me what I have been doing.

So, would I recommend the FitBit. You betcha. It may not be the most accurate step counter, but it does give you a ball park of reality which is the wake up call that I needed.

I will update you next month on how I continue on this journey.

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