Friday, February 27, 2015

February - Need, Want, Wear, Read

Want: With an upcoming cross country trip I have been doing some research on some good guides to help map out the adventure. So far I am leaning toward getting this Roadtrippers app. Anyone every use it?

Need: I live in the Boston area. We have had a lot of snow. So, I need the Spring. Badly! I also need some good tips to get my frozen body ready for it!

Wear: This jeans are so on my list of must haves. I will freely admit that I absolutely hate the skinny jeans. I grew up in an era where TLC wore their jeans so baggy and left a lot to the imagination. I will very much embrace the 70's vibe that is returning!

Read: I recently purchased the book Wreckage and I can not put it down. It is really good. I have noticed that I like a book that takes me through different times and perspective with each new chapter. I think its a trend with books lately too. Anyhow, this book is a page turner for sure!

1 comment:

  1. Will have to check Wreckage out! I am currently reading Big Little Lies and it is being told by many different perspectives too and I like it--seems to speed up the book :).