Monday, February 9, 2015

5 things to do with a toddler on a winter day

If your like many New Englanders right now, the snow has got you longing for warm summer days. Since there is 132 days until the official start of summer I wanted to share with you my top 5 things to do with my toddler to break up the long winter.

1. Cuddle up to watch Frozen. It is seriously such a good movie.
2. Make home made play dough. Pinterest has zillions of recipes for them and its super simple to make with stuff you already have in your pantry.
3. Create some arts and crafts with markers, paints and crayons. You can then frame the works of art and give them as gifts.
4. Bake something sweet. My little one and I love to bake bread. We use this recipe to make my Banana Bread and my little one loves to mix all the ingredients together.
5. Play outside and make the most of it!

Enjoy the wintery weather friends!

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  1. Great suggestions :) It's been so cold here for the past week (Some days the high has been -25! Brrr!) and we're all going a little bit stir crazy - this morning I took our sensory bin outside and filled it with snow for the kids to play with inside. It was great until Ellie decided to climb in and sit in it, in her pyjamas ... Oh well. They still had fun!