Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Advent Trees

 This year I want to start a holiday tradition of doing an advent calendar. I went to catholic school when I was younger and I remember the excitement of opening up the tiny calendar flaps each day to find what was hidden underneath. In our cases then it was usually a bible scripture which we got to read to the class. I always prayed that when it was my turn to pick I would have a short one so I wouldn't have to stand in front of the class for that long. That was always a big worry of mine. Anyhow, as I was saying, oh yes, this year I decided to make some for our home and to start it as a tradition.

I scoured Pinterest for some ideas and sure enough there were a ton of fabulous ones. I decided to go with these awesome Christmas tree cones. The site has a great template which made it really easy to cut out. I mean, I love to craft, but I love easy crafts even more and if someone has already made a template who am I to reinvent the wheel. I filled each one with little notes on silly things to do to get us in the holiday spirit like watch a christmas movie, drive around to see lights, drink hot cocoa, etc. I didn't fill them up with any tiny stuff this year only because my little one is too little yet to enjoy such choking hazards, but you could certainly filled them with stuff because their is plenty of room.

As you can see I am not done with them just yet, I do want to add some more decorations to them and I was up til 1 am last night cutting for what seemed like forever, but I would say that it was rather relaxing since it was mindless cutting, you know.
 The paper pack is DCSW and I bought it at Michael's for 75% off on Black Friday. It was such a great deal, but now I have a ton more Christmas paper then I needed. I guess I will have to look at pinterest for more ideas! Next on the list is a paper wreath!

I am also going to enjoy making an scrapbooking album dedicated solely to December much like the one Ali Edwards is doing but for a fraction of the cost, love her, but not the pricey stuff. I just can't afford it. Do you think I will be able to get anything done with this messy desk?!

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