Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So, you may have noticed that the last two weeks there has been no updates on the here blog. Vacation was in the air and my brother in law was in town which made it a truly incredible family vacation. The weather was perfect for New England with most days hitting the 80's. That is insanely good above average weather without a single rain shower for two straight weeks. 
 We went to the zoo, Plymouth Plantation, Boston Museum of Science, The Butterfly Exhibit, Twin River Casino, bingo at Foxwoods, Great Wolf Lodge, and camping. It was so awesome!

Travel with our 16 month old worried me at first. I worried about how she would sleep and if she would even go to bed at all. We were all pleasantly surprised when she passed right out after a whole day of running around and swimming. She even slept til 9:30 am on most days! It was perfect and our hearts are filled with wonderful memories. My brother in law left this morning and we are adjusting to not having him around. We will miss him, but having him here made me truly realize that we belong in California! So, the goal is to be living there by next Christmas!!!

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