Monday, August 4, 2014


Somewhere between the age of six and eleven, it happens.
The fear of failing.
I suppose Erik Erikson theorists would argue, that, in order to move forward in life we must successfully learn to deal with failures. We must also learn our purpose in life. As I have been studying for my social worker license (insert the reason why I am quoting the works of Erikson here) I have tried to apply the theories and ideas to real life in order to relate more to the material and to remember it, because any of you who have had a baby can attest that the human brain after having a child is nothing like the brain that it was pre-baby.
Erik Erikson was a social worker theorist, who did research on human personality development. He based his work on the work of Sigmuend Freud. He did take it a step further and believed that human's were much more than just unconscious or repressed sexual thoughts and desires. He believed that there was eight stages that each personal successfully managed their way through life.
I started to think about how my little mama does things without thinking much about what the consequence may be. She lives with no fear. She will do anything, at least once, before she decides that she doesn't care for it. I admire that quite a bit. I, on the other hand, have the ability to see what the possible outcome could be before i do anything and I tend to overthink it to death before I decide that I just shouldn't do it.
In the beginning of the year I choose the word "complete" for my one little word and, to be completely honest, I have not used it much. It is not a word that I have used to inspire me throughout the year, at all. I haven't even given it much thought since January. However, the word "jump" has meant a lot to me.
I reflect on this past year, opening up the Etsy shop, starting this blog, applying for my clinical social worker license, etc and the word that has helped push me along has been JUMP. So, here I am in August, more than half way done with 2014 and I am fully invested in making a change this year and finding my true purpose. I want to do the things that make me happy. I want to be the best person that I can be and I am going to jump my way through the rest of the year!

Will you jump with me...

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