Monday, August 25, 2014

Focusing on breathing and not the other stuff

Its a powerful thing that we do all day and all night long.
Yet, we pay little attention to how important it is.

Lately I have been having a hard time. I have been fixating on things that I can't control or things that I shouldn't control and it has been physically weighing me down like a sky scrapper on my back. I have been forgetful and creatively blocked which I feel is directly related.

I have to make an effort to relax my mind and I searched for sources on how to do it and I found a few podcast on guided meditation which have been helping. My mind usually has a thousand thoughts running around in there a minute, so it can be challenging for me to do a traditional quite mediation so the guided one are great.

Here are some links to some great podcast for mediating and self mediating that I'd like to share with you as they may be helpful to some of you.

Mediation Oasis
This podcast is by far my favorite for a few reasons. For starters, I like the gal's voice who narrates the mediation as I find it to be natural and soothing. I also like that she offers a variety of lengths and topics which makes it easy to find something to meet my need. Lastly, I like that during the mediations her voice is clear and she allows for ample time to actually "get into" the mood to mediate. Overall, it is excellent especially for beginners like myself.

Tracks to Relax
This one is also pretty good and offers clear guided mediations with different scenes which is nice. The narrator has a clear voice which for me is a plus. When I finish one I walk away feeling very relaxed and "centered".

Do you have any

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