Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I have been taught...

Over the last year, my little girl has been a sponge and has absorbed so much information and she has learned a ton of new stuff. I expected that. What I did not expect was what I would also be learning in the process. I have learned that I am a pretty consistent person with daily routines which has helped Marisol ease into her own routine. I have also learned that things in life that I thought made me happy really did not. I mean, every week I would go out and buy clothes. Heaven forbid if I ever repeated an outfit. I would plan sometimes for months what I would wear to something and now looking back I don't ever recall the details of the event other than what I wore. Surely living on one income has certainly changed my view on money, but it has made me realize that what I wear to things are not as important as what is actually going on in the event. I love that now I spend far less time (even though it may be out of my control) on getting ready for events and more time just enjoying them. It has been wonderful!

Well, last night was little one's birthday and here she is enjoying her cake. We live by the selfie theory that if you open your mouth you always look like you are having a good time as Hoda always says :)

Enjoy hump day!

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