Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What I want to teach my daughter...body image

While at my mother's house the other day I came across this photo. I gasped as I looked at it. I was 12. I should of been focusing on how young I was and how carefree. On how I did not have any worry in the world other than to get my homework done. Instead, I could not help but forces on my gut. What the hell was I thinking wearing that bathing suit. I then quickly realized that I when I was younger I used to wear a t-shirt over this bathing suit because I thought I was fat. I was 90 pounds. How could I have thought that I was fat. I mean look at that gut!

I never had a thigh gap and my stomach will never ever be flat. These are the things that I have begun to accept over the last year. After giving birth to my daughter last spring, I had decided right before I had her that I was going to bounce right back to what I looked like before I had her. To my surprise that did not happen and it did not happen a year later. Sure the scale went back to pre baby weight after some weeks, but my body shape is quite different. I have to accept that it may never be the same, but I have reframed how I look at myself as I have come to realize that I have spent way too many hours thinking about my appearance.

I know I am not the only one how has many clothes in the closet labels as fat clothes and when I get skinny again clothes. Having a daughter changes how you look at the world and the way in which people are accepted. I do not want her to worry as I did about what I am going to wear and on how I have to suck in my gut all night.

SO lets embrace how we look and love our selfs. This is something that the Today Show has been promoting over the last couple of weeks so it is very much inspired by them. Follow the link to find out more :)

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