Thursday, April 24, 2014


I often find myself thinking about things that I really want to accomplish and do throughout the day. I also insist that I will complete these said things later on once my little one has retreated to her night time slumber, but as of late I am completely exhausted by nightfall. I have been thinking about how I could utilize more of my time and I have realized that I tend to waste a lot of time just looking at my phone (Facebook, instagram, etc) that I am missing big chunks of time when I could be accomplishing things that fill my mind with delight. One of these things is added some more stuff to my esty account and to create and develop my own patterns. I have the knowledge to do them I just have to find the time. I have some patterns jotted down and I just need to type them out and take some pics of them.

Until then my blog world.

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