Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to make a fun paper wreath...

Here is a super fun and easy way to decorate your door using some old supplies that you will have around your home.

Gather your supplies:
card stock
old books such as a kids book

First, you will cut out your wreath shape from the card board. I used a large tupperware bowl as a guide and a smaller one for the inside. Next cut strips of the books and card stock. I used card stock in colors that matched the book I was using and to also match the autumn theme I was looking for. Cut the card stock into one inch strips. Next fold the strips in half and place around the wreath and secure by stapling. I finished the look with a burlap bow and crocheted topper to hold it up :)

Enjoy :)
* I apologize for such quick posts, please bare with me as I have an 8 month old who loves to be on her mommy's lap, ALL DAY LONG! It's sweet and I embrace it as one day she will be 13 and not want anything to do with being near me :)

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