Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monogram Xmas Stocking

Wow, where has the Christmas gone?! It happens every year, but this one felt much more rushed than in years past. I must admit that I always fall victim to a lot of great creative ideas flooding in my head and most of them do not amount to anything other than a thought in my mind, but this year a few of them did manage to get done and some are still in the works. Those will be completed this week as I must mail them out asap...I swear, I will not be so last minute next year!

This year, we had an addition to the family and poor little mama did not have a stocking so, we found this cute plain green felt one at Target for only $1and I knew I had to personalize it a bit. I cute some felt and sewed it around and added it with some glue and presto, a monogram stocking for only $1!

Not all of my creative ideas pan out the way that they are meant to. I love Pinterst, I honestly probably need an intervention at this point, but not all things on Pinterest are as easy as they appear to be. Case in point was this lovely Salt Dough Wreath.

I am not sure how the heck they were able to get their "balls" to be a perfect shape! I am baffled and it took me days for mine to be somewhat dry. The were drying on a wiring rack for so long that even my husband asked me what the heck I was doing with them. So here is the link to the wreath and it is quite lovely and if you can figure out how to do it as lovely or even more so please do share your secrets with me as I would love to know how it is done masterfully :)


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