Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Life Goals for December...

A few years back i started to write down five things that i wanted to complete before the end of the month. For me it was nice to experience different things that I always wanted to do and having it in a "list" made me feel compelled to get it down. The lists were random, but they were fun. For example, one of the goals was to attend a Spoken Word. So, I did and it was incredible. It was moving and it was an amazing experience. People were raw and vulnerable. I laughed and I cried as they shared their words with such inspiring passion.

Somewhere along the way, i became too busy to complete the goal or to even make them. So I wanted to start them up here is this months things to do...

  1. Make a wreath using salt dough!
  2. Make and send out Marisol's Christmas cards. 
  3. Make our first family video!
  4. Blog at least twice a week!
  5. Make stuff for the big opening of the shop!!!

I would love to see your list...please share a link below!


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