Monday, December 2, 2013

38 things...

To do lists. I must admit, I love them. I find that without them at work I could not function and I think it was because a part of me enjoyed the feeling of taking my pen and crossing off each task after they were done. Better than that was the feeling of having accomplished what I needed to do. So a few years back I began using this method to my daily after I read a blog where someone (I forgot who it was that originated this) would make a list of things on their birthday that they wanted to complete that year before their next birthday. I have been using this for the last four years and I have been amazed at how many actually do get crossed off.

So here is this years, in no particular order...

  1. Watch my baby grow! 
  2. Attend the Diva Convention as a vendor. 
  3. Cook one new meal a week. 
  4. Work diligently on my Esty Shop
  5. Kiss Marisol lots everyday!
  6. One month take a picture of Marisol in the same chair each day to watch her growth. 
  7. Make short movies. 
  8. Take my social work license. 
  9. Apply to the local community college
  10. Visit different fairs. 
  11. Go to yard sales and restore stuff. 
  12. Save money. 
  13. Crochet at least one project a week. 
  14. Make all of the Christmas gifts. 
  15. Once a week mail a letter to someone. 
  16. Work out. 
  17. Lose weight. 
  18. Drink water. 
  19. Mediate daily. 
  20. Be kind. 
  21. Live in the moment. 
  22. Chochet...wait did I already say that?
  23. Plan family trips like to the Falls and to the Hot Air Balloon Festival
  24. NOT GOSSIP!!!
  25. Spend one whole day a week not on any social media sites!
  26. Paint!
  27. Do home improvement projects!
  28. Purge and organize my closet!
  29. Learn to take better pictures!
  30. Attend a mommy's weekend!
  31. Go out on a date with Mr Maldonado!
  32. Learn how to do fancier crochet stitches
  33. Reconnect with all family
  34. Share family recipes and place them in an album for Marisol!
  35. Visit Washington!
  36. Attend a food truck festival!
  37. Eat more veggies!
  38. Learn to sew one dress for me and one for Marisol! 
And there you have it!!!

I love list! I can not wait to check them off as they are completed!


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