Monday, February 16, 2015

Pushing your creative limits

Recently I was working on my art therapy journal and I was using watercolors techniques. This is a medium that I am not comfortable with, at all. I had purchased my watercolors one Black Friday many years ago when the price of the sets were to low to resist and I promised myself that one day I would use them. Well, several years later the moment came.
The result was mixed. They are hard to work with, but I love the process and the end results both in the physical sense and the emotional. Allow me to explain.
For obvious reason the physical sense is that in the end I have some pretty cool art work to use in my home and in my scrapbooks. I brought out the paints because since not have the funds in the budget to splurge on scrapbook supplies like I used to I have to literally think outside the box to create my pages. It's been fun experimenting and thats where the emotional component comes in. Using this new tool has pushed my creative juices. It has sparked excitement in my craft. I have been finding things that I want to try out and it has been quite motivating.

 They are not perfect, but that is not what I am going for. What I am going for is getting motivated.

Sometimes to be creative one must push ourselves. How will you push yourself today?

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  1. This is beautiful! I love the one with the purples and blues. I definitely don't think there is a "perfect" to creativity or art, it really is all about creating. :)