Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'll take that as a sign

I love the beginning of the year. I feel very motivated to get things done and most of that typically reflects on areas where I need to grow. This year I was able to grab a goal tracker from Elise Blaha Cripe (grab one here). I purchased the PDF file and printed out a few of them for some of the things I wanted to work on. Some of the things were drink more water each day, practice Qi Gong daily, build a better blog and the last one was to grow my Etsy shop. I posted these up on my craft room wall (well the corner of our bedroom) and each day when I am sitting in that space I am mentally reminded of what I want to work on. I like being held accountable for what I want to work on and being able to visually see my progress helps to stay focused on what I want. 

Nap time is typically the time when I first get a chance to look at this wall and is when I practice my Qi Gong. On the first day the sheets were up as I was in the middle of a breathing exercise one of the sheets fell down. I thought nothing of it and simply stuck it back up with some more washi tape and continued on with my deep breathing. Next day, same sheet, same thing. I added new tape and posted it back up. Next day, I kid you not, same thing. 
I told my husband about it after about two weeks of this strange thing going on and he just brushed it off thinking I was a bit crazy or just exaggerating. I told him, he had to see it for himself to really understand and the following day that same sheet had fallen. I have changed the tape multiple times, I have changed the location of the sheet and still it is the only one that seems to fall each and every day. I should note that the other sheets have never once fallen and each are hung with a small piece of thin washi tape. 

Last week, after two weeks of this happening I began to take this daily occurrence as a sign. A sign that I need to be doing something. The sheet that keeps falling is the grow my Etsy shop. The shop has been empty for some time now, but since focusing my attention toward it and taking these signs I have been busy working on some things. The crazy part is that it has come easily and the inspiration is just flowing which feels really good. 

Signs are all around us. Sometimes we just have to stop and accept them.

*items will be in the shop really soon. Sneak peeks to come soon. 


  1. I got a tracker from Elise for my husband to prompt him to go to the gym a little more. I wish it would fall off the wall and give him a nudge occasionally!