Friday, January 30, 2015

Art Therapy Lesson 5: Write a love letter to yourself

The idea of starting this year long Art Therapy Journal Project came from my desire to find myself. I am aware that as I write that it may come across as super cheesy, but hear me out. Over the last two years, I became a wife and a mother. I always felt that I knew exactly who I was, but giving birth to a little one certainly can shake that thought away from your head quickly. I admit, I started to change. I changed in ways that I thought was good and bad. I imagine my friends could equally say the same thing. I will say that what has been the biggest change is in how I judge myself. I am, most of the time, so hard on myself. I gained a few extra pound over the holidays on a body that I haven't cared much for since giving birth to my daughter. (Seriously though, will I ever not look pregnant after I have eaten a meal and why does my gut start soo high up right under my boobs!)
Somewhere along the way, I lost my ability to love myself. The other day while watching the movie "Friend Green Tomatoes" Kathy Bates' character says the greatest line ever. She says, "I am too young to be old and too old to be young". I watched the words leave her lips and thought to myself YES, THAT'S IT. I am feeling like an old woman trapped in a young mind. So, how do you change that you may be asking yourself. Well, you write yourself a love letter. I mean, really how does one expect others to love you when you don't even love yourself.
 So, the challenge this week is to write yourself a love letter. I created a scrapbook layout to tuck my love letter into because I enjoy that medium, but you can do whatever it is that works for you.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in on this challenge.


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