Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Therapy Journal: Lesson 3 Inspiration

The word means different things for different people.
Some people are inspired by words while others are inspired by fashion.
Some are inspired by individuals and some are inspired by groups who take a stand.
And some are inspired by all of those examples.

When I thought about the lesson for this week, I couldn't help but be moved by the unity of the people in France. After a week of chaos and fear, they stood together. Millions of them and walked the streets. hand in hand. It was moving. It was very inspiring to watch. I began to think about things that inspire me. Things that touch my heart or get my creative side excited.
This week I created a layout. I created a mini photo shoot. Read: During nap time I applied some makeup, did my hair and took selfies with my iPhone. I haven't taken a picture of myself in quite some time and I must say I laughed at myself after I was done, but I did like the process. It was fun which then, in turn made me want to create with them. I was so inspired.
I wanted the layout to have a clean polished look so I used my computer for the journaling.
Journaling reads:
I am inspired by strong outspoken women.
I love the simplicity of the sun rising each day and the trees blooming each spring.
I am inspired by the creative minds song writes as their pends are the keys to unlocking magic.
I love watching the look in my daughter's eyes when she sees something for the first time.
I am inspired by those who stand up to bullies.
I love hoodwinking has the ability to connect everyone regardless of age, race or gender.

So what inspires you? Is it things that have always inspired you or have they involved over time? Are you drawn to the abstract world like ideas or more of the concrete tangible stuff like paintings? What makes you stop in your tracks and appreciate what it is for a moment? Share your thoughts. I would love to see what you come up with!

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