Monday, December 29, 2014

Shift - One Little Word 2015

Choosing one word to guide me throughout 2015 was a difficult task this year. I will admit in past years I have chosen words like change, live and create which worked for me in the short term, but didn't resonate with me the whole year.

This year I tried to be more thoughtful on what I wanted for the year. What were my true goals for myself. I knew the things I wanted to work on and what 2015 might hold for us. A major event for us in 2015 will be a move across country. So, initially, I thought the word move may be perfect, but it would only focus on the move itself and less on me growing as a whole.

So, with the help of an online thesaurus I looked up the word move and I stumbled upon the word "shift". I stopped. It made me smile. It made me think of how change tends to be more gradual. Things don't happen overnight. Success takes time. Effort. Tiny little shifts creates change.

Shift (verb)
 - to move from one place, position, direction, etc., to another - to manage to get along or succeed by oneself.
 - to change gears in driving an automobile.

For 2015:

I want to shift the way I perceive things. I don't want to waste time focusing on what people might be trying to say in text. I don't want to try to be a mindreader.

I want to shift the way I eat. I don't want to focus on changing how I eat quickly. I want it to be gradual which I think could lead me to bigger success.

I want to shift the way we live. I don't want to waste time focusing on how hard the move may be. I want to shift the way I approach this move in smaller more achievable goals.

I want to shift the way I think of spirituality. I don't want to come up with a hundred different reasons why I can't take ten minutes out of the day to mediate.

I want to shift the way I think about myself. I don't want to feel so down on myself. I have been thinking about everyone else first which makes me a good mother and wife but does it really?!

I also have a new adventure (scrapbooking weekly challenges) coming up for the new year. It is an art therapy project that will focus on self discovery. More to come in the next few days with the first challenge and mission statement. Wanna join me?

Whats your word?


  1. Wow, that's a fantastic way to look at things! I haven't decided on my word for 2015 yet, though I've narrowed it down to a few different ideas!

  2. Great post and I love your view on your word. Have a great year.