Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hi, my name is Susan and I have my LCSW

Hello. We will be back to our regular scheduled posting now that I have taken my licensing exam for social work. After driving two hours, getting lost and getting pulled over by the police and sitting in front of a computer for over three hours. I passed.

It was the hardest exam I have ever taken and that includes all of my classes that I took to earn my masters degree. I think it might be the pressure of the examine itself. It consists of 170 questions and only 150 are taken toward your score. It is also quite expensive (over $500) just to take the exam and the information encompasses everything you have ever learned in social work mixed in with things you have never been exposed to (like macro community development for example). But it is done. This will help our family as now I can do some per diem work.

So, I have set a date for a shop update which will be September 8, 2014. Its amazing how much extra time I feel like I have right now :)

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