Monday, June 30, 2014

what we love...June

Over at ABM they started a series called Sister Stuff and they compared Elsie and Emma's stuff. It was so simply and yet so cute because it was neat checking out how different they were. I immediately thought of how cute it was to try it with my little one because I think it would be cool her checking it out when she is older. Another blogger that I follow Elise Blaha Cripe is super fast (I don't know how she does it honestly) and she already posted one based on her and her daughter. So here is ours. You have to try it! Please link it to me so I can see it because I just love them! 
BOOKS:I read this book "Home Sweet Home" to Marisol at least three times a day. Its very interactive because she loves to flip open the pages and find new animals. My book was a flea market find for $1!

CLOTHES: These are our Fourth of July outfits. Hers is from Old Navy this year and Mine is from Forever 21 from a few years ago. 

FOOD: Marisol will not eat much lately but give her some grapes and she is in love and I can not get enough corn on the cob.

OBSESSED: Marisol loves her new baby tiger. She even growls which is the funniest and I am obsessed with thin thread for making headbands which I hope will be in my shop very soon!

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  1. I saw both posts and LOVE the idea - maybe I'll try one of my own :) I love your 4th of July outfits - I was never really that into Canada Day until I had kids of my own, now we're much more patriotic!