Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Vacations: Ocean City, Maryland

Family vacations with a little one are quite different then they used to be. With an active toddler the idea of getting on an airplane and flying to a destination is more like a nightmare of a thought then a relaxing one. I know, I know, people travel with kids all the time...good for them, but I don't think it would be good for us. Little Miss Foof is very active (read she does not sit still...EVER). So, with that in mind when it came time to decide where we would enjoy some time together we thought of places within driving distance. 
One day I received an email from Groupon with a deal on a family friendly resort in Ocean City, Maryland. It peeked my interest and I did some research. The resort was the Francis Scott Key Family Resort. The resort was built in 1953 and has over 230 rooms which are perfectly catered to a family with most rooms having a fully operating kitchen. The also have a themed pirate pool indoors and also an outdoor water spring pirate ship outdoors which is perfect for even the littlest ones to enjoy. There is also mini golf and a diner onsite for those nights when you don't feel like venturing off. 
The resort is conveniently located two miles away from the endless Boardwalk which is filled with food, shops and even carnival rides. It was awesome. We went in early April so the beach was empty, but after a long winter it was literally extremely refreshing to finally be on the beach and enjoying the 
crisp air.

Seafood is a big deal in Ocean City especially crabs. If you go down to Ocean City and you don't even try them you are going yourself a complete disservice because they are truly the BEST CRABS ever. I know that crabs tend to get a reputation for not being as fancy as the lobster, but in my opinion the taste of these crabs were well above any lobster I have ever had in my life. Crabs to Go had the best prices and highest reviews on Yelp so naturally it was where I set my mind to go and they did not disappoint. My husband does not have the same affection for seafood as I do so on the menu the steamed crabs came in dozen or bushels. I knew that although I would love to devour a dozen, I may not if I did not like them so I asked if I could get half a dozen and I was easily accommodated. I poured a nice glass of white wine and began to hammer away on my feast. It was excellent and the buttery dip is a must! Crabs to Go was so nice I went there twice!

 Another adventure took us the the Mason Dixon line which we had no idea what it was. Don't judge, but after some research we learned the history behind it and it was pretty amazing to be there where so much historical stuff happened.

When on vacation I would always recommend going to the visiting center to learn about what the city or state boosts as their local attractions. These are usually free and pretty cool and Maryland did not disappoint. We were told about the Assateague Island Seashore Park where horses roomed free. I thought for sure that this was completely inaccurate information, I mean come on, horses roaming free, but it is not a farce. It was amazing and also sad at the same time that this was a norm for animals until we (humans) began taking away their land. It is a must see and experience. It is also a great lesson to children on how to share the land with everyone. 

So, if you are on the east coast and want something to do for your next family vacation go to Ocean City Maryland. It was amazing and well worth the drive!!!

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