Saturday, February 1, 2014

These hands...

In a few days she will be nine months. 
She has grown so much. Eight months and three weeks ago she could not even hold her head up. She could not focus on my silly face trying to make her giggle. She could not fall asleep on her own and she needed me for everything. 
Today, I looked at her and I can not believe how much she has grown. She can feed yourself your own bottle. She can hold her head up and look all around, especially when she is looking for best doggie friend Olive. This week she even used a play fork and pretended to use it as a phone. Daddy and I looked at each other and we both simultaneously teared up.
I have lived 38 years and of all the sounds my ear have ever heard none have been so sweet as her the sound of her belly laugh. I laugh, and cry each and every time I hear it. 
This little girl has captured my heart and I absolutely love her a love that is the best love ever imaginable.

As we approach another milestone "birthday", I want to just remember these big moments. I want to just bottle them up and engrave them in both my heart and my mind. 

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